Silicon Valley Comes to Texas!

It’s time to embrace the winds of change.

Texas has become a shining beacon of diversity, development, and new ideas. And the gradual, but ever-present prominence of major companies has become a key signifier of this. The emergence of big companies like Tesla, Amazon, HP, and Oracle, among others, has shown that Texas is cementing itself as a major player in the world of big corporations, especially within the city of Austin. Yes, it’s true. Austin itself has, in many ways, become the new Silicon Valley.

Austin’s young and modern climate has made it a highly attractive spot for companies to scout out ready and eager talent, especially when it comes to technology. And with Texas having major tax advantages, it’s in companies’ best interests to seize the opportunity to save money while having a strong, energetic new workforce. 

That’s really what’s so great about Austin--it really has the sense of spirit to take on new challenges and technological goals. I have visited Austin a number of times and have lived in the region before and it’s never stopped surprising me just how much growth the city has experienced in such a short period of time. And the great thing is that, especially for future Silicon Valley employees in Austin, there’s plenty of excellent residential options available. During my time there, I’ve seen a lot of promise in residences including Falls on Bull Creek, Northstar, The Reserve, Treehouse, Woodstone, and Park at Crestview. Out of all the different places I’ve rested my head for affordable living, they’ve done me plenty of favors in terms of pricing, 1-3 bedroom options, and overall comfort. I think that employees in the technology and IT industry will need a comfy place to call home with all the stressful late nights in the office they might face during their employment.

With Austin leading the charge in huge industrial and economic developments such as this, it’s only a matter of time before other cities will follow suit. I’m very eager to see what this new Silicon Valley experience will bring within the Austin area, as well as what other major Texas cities will do to shake things up in the years to come. Texas is a great state with tons of growth and uniqueness in its sense of opportunity. With even more time and development, I truly envision this great Lone Star State becoming one of the peak places to live in the country.

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Dec 16